Turbo Yeast for making alcohol (moonshine)

Turbo yeast definition: A mix of dried wine yeast (saccharomyces cerevisae) and nutrient designed to achieve a complete fermentation of sugar/water washes up to 14% - 23% alcohol.

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A turbo yeast does not behave like normal yeast which is not very good at producing alcohol. The turbo yeast is actually a yeast + nutrient package, all extremely targeted to making alcohol from a pure sugar/water wash but you can also use it on fruit washes in some cases (with some modifications usually to the recipes).

The yeast in a turbo yeast is usually Saccharomyces Cerevisae, i.e. normal wine yeast. However there are hundreds of different strains available of dried wine yeast and not all of these are good at the same things. We need a yeast strain that can tolerate high alcohol levels, put up with a lot of heat and produce good quality alcohol. That is not easy to find. We believe our choice is the optimum, we have screened all strains and in fact, we keep doing that in case things change.

The nutrition is a chemically designed (so no "random" sources such as dead yeast cells etc), highly optimised mix of a nitrogen source (such as diammonium phosphate) and a very well defined mix of trace nutrients and vitamins. The secret lies of course in the trace mix as this is what controls the exact behaviour of the yeast during fermentation and especially near the limits of its performance. Nearly 20 years of research has got us to the point where we can achieve 23% alcohol by fermentation, something that was considered impossible before we started on this project.

For homebrewers it's nice to be able to make, say 20% alcohol with ease. For commercial brewers it makes a vital difference if they can produce 20% or only 14% alcohol in a 100,000 litre fermentation within a week.