Alcotec 48 turbo yeast

Making alcohol in 48 hours is simple with the Alcotec 48, it is tolerant to high temperatures and minor mistakes. It also works up to 20% alcohol!

turbo yeast alcohol 48

Alcohol in 48 hours - or 5 days?

The Alcotec 48 turbo yeast is a "dual recipe" yeast. You can choose wheter to produce moderate alcohol (14%) in 48 hours, or high alcohol (20%) in 5 days.

Two turbo yeast recipes

You can choose whether to go for 14% (fast) or 20% (in 5 days) simply by adding different amounts of sugar. The standard dose of 6 kgs of plain sugar into 25 litres total will give you the 14% recipe. If you instead go for 8 kgs of sugar the turbo yeast will automatically go for 20% in 5 days.

Temperature tolerance

This turbo yeast is considerably more tolerant to high temperatures than the Alcotec 24, or any older recipe such as the Alcotec 6 or Alcotec 8. The optimum is still ambient (and liquid) temperature around 25 C, but it is no disaster if the ambient temperature shoots a bit over 30 C.