Turbo yeast, essences, home alcohol distilling

Turbo yeast, whisky yeast and other types of distillers yeasts have been our specialitiy since the early 1990's when we developed the worlds first turbo yeast. Alcotec now offers a whole range of ingredients such as essences, extracts and highly specialised liquid and dry activated carbons for making alcohol, by fermentation only or by subsequent distillation (where legal) of moonshine.

turbo yeast distillery  

Alcotec 48 turbo yeast  is probably the best selling turbo in the world for alcohol production. Our yeast is available in a consumer pack and in bulk for brewers and distillers. It will easily produce somewhere between 18-20% alcohol by volume in approximately one week and it is also fairly temperature tolerant.


Alcotec Essences are top of the range quality, packed in sachets for easy mail order handling. We also manufacture top-up liqueur extracts and many other alcohol related items.

The Whisky Yeast is an example of one our our speciality yeasts. It has been designed to promote the best possible "Whisky-taste" from a distilled wash, i.e. it retains some of the flavours of the raw materials used. It also contains an enzyme to make sure even the most difficult starches break down properly and forms alcohol.